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Memory Palace - Workshop with Academy of Performing Arts, Prague.

A four-day research workshop held at Gallery Amu and the Academy of Performing Arts; delivered by the collective to selected students. The workshop was divided into two sections - firstly focussing on creative processes through the lens of the unconscious mind and secondly, creative actions brought about by the conscious mind.

The Usher- Workshop with Novia University students.

Students of Novia University drew on Captain Lightfoots performance The Usher. Interpreting their own experience as the viewer and responding to the exhibition itself, the students created their own narratives through both creative writing and visual art. 

Family Workshop

Working with Edinburgh Museums and galleries, Captain Lightfoot organised a family workshop in the grounds of Lauriston castle. Using the exhibition Captain Lightfoot Presents... and an accompanying short story as a starting point, the participants were invited to create their own '3-dimensional story' in the form of sculpture. Resulting works were constructed from mixed media and found imagery collaged together.

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