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During a workshop at Novia University with Captain Lightfoot, the participating students reflected on and discussed their own ideas and thoughts about Captain Lightfoots performance The Usher. 


Interpreting their own experience as the viewer and responding to the exhibition itself, the students then went on to create their own individual narratives through both writing and visual art.


Working Collaboratively in the collectives absense Bjorn Riska, Niclas Kangas, Anna Holmlund and John Sjoberg then went on to curate and exhibit the resulting art works at Novia University. Extracting the temporary wall structures used by Captain Lightfoot in their performance 'The Usher', the students continued to explore the use and manipulation of space as a tool to lead the viewer through an exhibtion; exposing and hiding art works so that with each new corner turned and with each new work discovered, one overall narrative is revealed. 

Novia University Student Project

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