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Captain Lightfoot Presents...

Captain Lightfoot Presents... was an art exhibition organised by Captain Lightfoot that took place in the Victorian Glasshouse at Lauriston Castle in Edinburgh for 7 days over the month of August 2014.


With a strong interest in narrative and symbolism in visual art and a focus on instigating evolving exhibitions and projects that explore these concepts in relation to curating and the role of the viewer, Captain Lightfoot worked in collaboration with the Learning and Access department of the City of Edinburgh Museum and Galleries, to deliver an exhibition of new site-specific work by all three members of Captain Lightfoot and also of invited artists Jessie Makinson and Stephen Kavanagh- as part of the Edinburgh Art Festival. 


Acting like whispers of a forgotten pleasure, the art works will hint at the faded stories, secrets and past that belong to the building itself. With a combination of painting, sculpture and photography, the exhibition will lead the viewer through the space, so that with each new work or structure encountered, another chapter of the Glasshouse may be revealed. Sat within the 30 acres of opulent gardens and parkland surrounding Lauriston Castle, the Victorian glasshouse is a beautiful and enchanting space to show contemporary art outside of the normal gallery context, with the aim of inspiring critical and creative dialogue between the artists and the public.

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